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Just Start Filming Already!

Have you ever heard this before? "I will film once my new camera comes in!", or "let's shoot this after my new lens is here!". While working on many corporate films, commercials as well as wedding films, I have come to realize that 98% of my clients have no idea which camera I use before and or after production. So why is it that we obsess this much about our gear?

I know for a fact that you can get a camera that offers 4K in resolution, combined with good colour space and image stabilization for less than 1,000 dollars! Cameras like the Panasonic G-85 and the Sony a6300 both have more than enough tricks and skills to help you capture stunning images. So the real question is, why are we waiting for the perfect camera? There are only excuses now when it comes to producing videos today. We have laptops that edit can 4K, SD cards that read and write fast and are also way cheaper than before and audio has gotten much easier to work with as well. Maybe it's the fact that it is so easy we don't seem to pick up our cameras and shoot anymore. Maybe we are tired of the fact that anyone can learn to produce a solid video in a matter of minutes.

The truth is, everything you need to know is right on the Internet. You can learn and master anything at a faster rate than ever before! Me personally, I have always believed that if you want to learn something then go online and ask questions. Creating content is much easier than ever before and we should be all over this! I Remember a time when I paid 75$ for a 512 Mb SD card, which is half a GB. Now you can get a 32 GB SD card (which is 64 times the space) at less than half the cost of my old 512MB card. We are fortunate as young filmmakers and it's time to appreciate our era. Sure, it is more competitive than ever before, but except it and hustle hard!

I'm Mitchell T. Bouchard with Red Cape Films, always support the sensor!


Shot with 4 different Cameras! During spare time after work.

Directing a Commercial Shoot! SOuth, Dakota

On Set "Commercial Shoot"

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