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Why Hire a Professional Videographer?

There is a big difference between a video clip taken from an amateur and a beautiful image captured by a Professional Videographer. Video has the potential to create emotion, recreate moments of life and dive into the souls of viewers across the planet.

Why would you want to hire a professional to make a video when you can do it yourself? I have an answer.

Video captured with no knowledge or understanding of the fundamentals of filmmaking is boring. As a result, you will be left with poor image quality, bad sound and essentially an emotionless product.

There is so much that goes into a Professional film that it takes years to not only learn the basics, but to develop the necessary skills to be half way descent.

To control light, shape it, capture good quality sound, to understand lenses, understand cameras and to deliver on there true potential, then you will want to hire a videographer that knows there stuff. We must also take into consideration that because of fast advancements technology we must keep ourselves updated on the cameras.

I believe that the easier it becomes to capture video, the worse we will become at creating Art within images. You must learn why this lens is good for this shot, why am I setting up the camera here and so on.

As a filmmaker we are calculating colour temperatures, anticipating the subjects movements, all to communicate an effective image that will not only transcend with our audiences, but to make them feel. These are the questions we ask ourselves on set and on location.

From Pre-Production to Post (where the final piece it put together), the video must be good, no!, Perfect. As a result of this thinking and execution filmmakers do not deliver a boring image, filmmakers re create a masterpiece. We can often times make our clients feel the same feeling as the first time it all happened.

With music, Images and Story, a video can and will be a time capsule of an ideal moment. Videos can do so much and with the right mind set with a true Professional you can create exactly what you see inside your head.

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